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Jumping on Box

Group Exercise Program 

Developing an engaging group exercise program that motivates and excites participants.

Offering quality classes can attract new members, even those who belong to other gyms, boutique studios, or live in different parts of the city.

People are willing to make an effort to attend a great class.

However, cancelling a class last minute can lead to disappointment among members.

Members tend to develop a strong attachment to their favorite teachers, and any sudden changes may not be well-received.

Exercise programs should offer a variety of classes to cater to the diverse preferences of clients. This is a great way to compete with boutique studios by providing quality classes at a lower price in one convenient location.

It is important to promote new classes to motivate and engage current members, as well as attract new members to the gym. Instructors must be managed effectively to ensure outstanding classes that drive crowds.

Class hours should be adjusted to peak hours, with 2-3 classes on the schedule each day.


Instructor recruitment can be facilitated through organizations that provide class programs and well-trained instructors.

Instructor salaries should be based on an hourly rate that considers the number of classes taught and the number of attendees.


For more detailed information, please listen to our podcast or contact us by email.

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