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Welcome to the Fitness Consulting courses. This course consists of 5 videos that cover the following topics: Gym Management, Membership Sales and Sales Management, Personal Training Sales and Sales Management, Group Exercise Management and Lay out for the fitness club. You will learn the best practices for running a successful gym business, whether you are a future, current or aspiring gym owner or manager. You will discover how to optimize all revenue streams based on a 2000-member gym model. You will also learn about the average prices and costs of different services, the importance of operation hours, and the strategies to boost your income. In addition, you will get insights into how to manage your staff effectively, including your front desk team, membership sales team and personal training team. You will find out where to source new members and how to retain them. You will also learn how to create and manage a group exercise program that attracts and engages your members. Moreover, you will get tips on how to choose and arrange the best exercise machines for your gym, as well as some extra features that can make your gym stand out from the competition. Finally, you will gain valuable knowledge on how to turn around a struggling gym by making small but impactful changes. This course is packed with practical and useful information that will help you achieve your gym business goals.

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