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Personal Training Sales and Management

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In this video I will talk about why people sign up for the personal training services and what are the main reasons. What kind of skills we are looking for in newly hired personal trainers and which candidates are going to be the most successful. What is the best schedule and salary structure. I will mention the best lead generation and prospecting methods to get new clients. I will mention the importance of the sales process in closing sales and why it must be strictly followed. At the end I will evaluate the personal training business with all the costs and possible profits. In the upcoming video, I'll delve into the motivations behind individuals enrolling in personal training services, outlining the primary factors driving their decision. I'll also discuss the specific proficiencies we seek in recently onboarded personal trainers and identify the traits that tend to contribute to their success. Additionally, I'll explore the optimal scheduling and salary framework. Furthermore, I'll provide insights into effective lead generation and prospecting techniques that prove fruitful in acquiring new clientele. A crucial aspect I'll address is the significance of a well-structured sales process in achieving successful closures and why adhering to it rigorously is paramount. Concluding the video, I'll conduct an assessment of the personal training business, taking into account all associated expenses and potential profits.

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