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 This website is exclusively designed for gym owners and managers who aspire to boost the performance and profitability of their fitness clubs. It is often observed that many managers and trainers fail to achieve their targets because they neglect basic principles. Through my paid videos, I aim to share essential rules, best practices, and effective activities that can help you enhance your business growth. Having experienced both successes and failures in various roles, I have gained valuable insights that I would like to impart. Thank you for visiting the website.

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More about my

I have accumulated 15 years of experience within the fitness industry, having held various positions across the spectrum within the largest fitness corporation in the United States.

I started a Head Coach position at local canoe/kayak club in Washington, DC - Washington Canoe Club where I was recruiting children and adults for the canoe/kayak teams on the Potomac River. I was organizing fundraisers to buy new training equipment, social events for paddlers to get to know each other, trips for kayak races, and training camps. Many of the athletes become National Canoe and Kayak Champions in the United States.


The next role was Personal Trainer position that required new skills such as: cold calling, scheduling 1 on 1 appointments, presenting the product selling and upselling fitness services and doing many other things to have a successful business. Learning all the new skills helped me develop a business with up to 180 training hours per month.


I also got promoted to the next role Fitness Manager. The Fitness Manager role added another set of new responsibilities such as hiring new employees, training new employes, and unfortunately also firing or moving employees to different positions where there is a lack of performance. Keeping employes accountable to their set goals and rewarding for a great performance. Resolving quickly customer service issues or disputes between trainers and clients was very important. As a Fitness Manager I was able to improve the fitness results by 100% in two different locations.


The Area Fitness Manager role required hiring or promoting new leaders in new locations to Fitness Manager or Lead Trainer roles that will drive fitness results. At the same time moving myself to a new not performing locations where I was able to try again all methods from the previous location. Tracking the performance, hiring employees by new fitness leaders, resolving issues between Fitness Managers and General Managers, team building activities all helped improve results in all managed locations. Promotion to the next role was a reward for the achieved results.


The General Manager is the most complex role that requires developing multiple successful internal teams such as: front desk, membership sales, personal training, GroupEx and clean team. All teams have an important part in having a successful business. Resolving customer service issues, canceling memberships, setting up work schedule for everybody, making sure that all employees are paid on time and the hours are counted correctly, ordering all needed supplies from pencils to cleaning chemicals, promoting new services among members such as new classes, new equipment or new employees, partnerships with local businesses.

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